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The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener

How to Grow Food in Harmony with Nature

By Tammi Hartung

Promoting a holistic ecological view, Tammi Hartung encourages you to invite wildlife into your garden. You’ll be amazed at how a variety of natural pollinators, pest predators, and soil enrichers can promote vibrant and healthy vegetables. Discover how a slug problem disappears once you’ve introduced a pond housing bullfrogs, how wasps can take care of tomato hornworms, and why skunks aren’t so bad after all. Learn how to garden with animals, rather than against them, and reap your most bountiful harvest yet. 

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Meet the Author
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Tammi Hartung

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Review quotes

"Novice and expert vegetable growers alike will find Hartung’s well-presented advice both revelatory and warmly reassuring."

"Hartung issues a call for gardeners to work with varmints and critters rather than view them as hostile combatants and offers a delightful guide for how to undertake the challenge simply and organically."

"Easy to read and colorfully illustrated with charming drawings, this title will inspire you to get your hands dirty and to rethink your relationship with nature."

"The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener is part how-to book, and part philosophical treatise on life, imploring us to 'embrace imperfection and impermanence, and maybe even a bit of chaos at times, as part of working with natural processes.' No matter what you're doing, this is sage advice."

"Tammi Hartung offers smart strategies for peaceful garden coexistence...Gardeners can design a wildlife-friendly garden, all with one beautifully illustrated book."

"From her successful organic herb farm, Tammi Hartung has learned that edible plants can be grown in harmony with wildlife. Her message is not that everything wild is good, but that we can tolerate it all without turning our gardens into a killing field. By carefully observing not just the individual plants but the entire ecosystem in which they grow, we can better appreciate all the roles that wildlife play in our gardens."

"Lovingly, sweetly, intelligently, the book opens up new physical and spiritual ground, on which our gardens will grow best on account of the presence of insects and animals, not in spite of them. From the management of manure to proper protection from real pests, no garden stone is left unturned."

"One of the most charming new gardening books is The Wildlife-Friendliy Vegetable Gardener"

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December 31, 2013