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The Winemaker's Answer Book

Solutions to Every Problem; Answers to Every Question

By Alison Crowe

Whether you’re curious about procuring basic equipment or struggling to grasp the finer points of fermentation, Alison Crowe has expert answers to all of your winemaking questions. With straightforward advice on everything from the best way to press fruit to how long you should cellar your wine, Crowe has you covered throughout the entire winemaking process. Packed with encouragement and proven solutions, The Winemaker’s Answer Book will have even the most bewildered winemaker confidently bottling up batch after batch of delectable homemade wine. 

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Meet the Author
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Alison Crowe

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Review quotes

“A handy little book that explains winemaking in terms and techniques in a friendly clear tone.” Sacramento Magazine

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March 14, 2007