The World Eats Here

International Street Food and Home Cooking—Recipes and Their Stories from the Queens Night Market

By John Wang Storm Garner

Savor 75 recipes—and remarkable stories—from the immigrant vendor-chefs of NYC’s first and favorite night market

On summer Saturday nights in Queens, New York, scents from Moldova to Mexico whet families’ appetites as they feast on food from over 90 countries. Welcome to the Queens Night Market. It’s had well over a million visitors since 2015, and there’s little wonder why: The food is delicious, the energy infectious—and the $6 price cap, irresistible.

Many of the participating vendors are first- and second-generation immigrants living in Queens—the most diverse urban area on Earth! In The World Eats Here, they share their prized recipes and tales of home. You’ll meet Wanda Chiu of Hong Kong Street Food whose pan-fried noodles remind her of cold winter mornings before school. And Liia Minnebaeva will blow you away with her Bashkir farm cheese donuts—a treat from her childhood in Oktyabrsky in western Russia.

Affordable, easy, and dizzyingly diverse—get ready to enjoy flavors from all over the world in one place. Whether it’s Filipino dinuguan or Haitian diri ak djon djon, each recipe connects the reader with a small piece of an immigrant story—which is to say, the American story. Though each is entirely unique, they all demonstrate the importance of one thing: Food brings people together, and nowhere else could that be more true than at the Queens Night Market.

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