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The World of Natural Wine

An Essential Guide to Understanding What It Is, Who Makes It, and Why to Drink It

By Aaron Ayscough

Natural wine is made from organically farmed grapes and without the use of additives or transformative winemaking procedures. Natural wine is the opposite of many wines you find these days, which are made from a random array of grapes and altered for color and taste to maintain consistency. Thanks in part to the farm-to-table movement, wine lovers are realizing that if they don’t want to eat unnatural processed foods, why should they drink wine that has been processed with chemicals? The World of Natural Wine profiles the people, practices, history, and terminology of natural wine, and imparts natural wine know-how—from how to read the label to where to find natural wine and how to drink it. This incomparable visual guide will answer the key questions surrounding natural wine today: What’s natural? What makes it different? Can I really drink it and not get a hangover? Where can I find it, and why is there not more of it around? This indispensable and enlightening tome will teach readers through text, photographs, graphics, and illustrations that natural wine is just wine—as it’s meant to be farmed and pressed and tasted.

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June 07, 2022