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The World's Best Dad During and After Divorce

A Guide to Co-Parenting for Divorced Dads

By Paul Mandelstein

Whether sudden or years in the making, divorce can leave families with a lot of pain and uncertainty—and with the children in the mix, the stakes are even higher. Enter author Paul Mandelstein, the divorced father of four children and founder of the Father Resource Network (FRN). In The World's Best Dad During and After Divorce: A Guide to Co-Parenting for Divorced Dads, Mandelstein helps fathers (and mothers) discover a path to navigate the stormy waters of divorce and create a healthy extended family environment, guided by the principles of collaboration and cooperation.

Packed with advice from family counseling experts, anecdotes from divorced parent groups, interviews with fathers, mothers, and children, and the author’s own first-hand experiences, The World's Best Dad During and After Divorce is a realistic, yet compassionate approach to parenting during and after divorce. The user-friendly format combines bulleted lists with practical suggestions, exercises, and even sample dialogues that make even the most difficult conversations with children and former spouses more manageable. Most importantly, this guidebook empowers men to be the best fathers they can be: fathers who are present and accountable, loving and leading, competent and caring.

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Meet the Author
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Paul Mandelstein

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Review quotes
"Even when you can't save your marriage, Paul Mandelstein shows ways you can save your family and your self-esteem."
—John Gray, PhD and author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"A divorce is one of the most challenging and difficult ordeals one can experience in their life. Most people going through a divorce will need a LOT of help and guidance. And it is all here, everything you will need to help you navigate: from understanding your legal choices, to taking care of your kids, how to take the high road in communication with your ex-spouse, what happens when communication falters or fails, and perhaps most important, how to anticipate and take care of all the emotions that will surely surface, especially your own. Every page is filled with wisdom, compassion, and lots and lots of practical advice and examples. I will recommend this book to every client I counsel who is thinking about divorce, going through divorce, or living in a post-divorce reality. Brilliant and very practical."
—Bruce Fortin, JD, LMFT, mediator, family therapist, and zen priest
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January 05, 2021