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Trail Riding

Train, Prepare, Pack Up & Hit the Trail

By Rhonda Massingham Hart

Saddle up for a soul-satisfying ride through the great outdoors. Whether you’re headed out on a quiet country road, a beautiful beach, or a challenging mountain trail, this comprehensive guide has you covered. With tips on what to look for in a trail horse, choosing appropriate gear, and what to pack, you’ll also find techniques for training your horse to handle different terrains and how to deal with unexpected situations. Enjoy a special bonding experience with your horse as you explore nature’s beauty together. 

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Rhonda Massingham Hart headshot

Rhonda Massingham Hart

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“This is a very readable book that is straightforward and easily understood.”

– The Gaited Horse


“…wonderfully informative…” – The Gaited Horse

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Publication date
April 01, 2005