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Trees Up Close

The Beauty of Their Bark, Leaves, Flowers, and Seeds

By Nancy Ross Hugo Robert Llewellyn

Trees Up Close offers an intimate, revealing look at the beauty of leaves, flowers, cones, fruits, seeds, buds, bark, and twigs of the most common trees. With more than 200 dazzling photos, you will be amazed by the otherwordly beauty of the acorns from a sawtooth oak, enchanted by the immature fruits of a red maple, and dazzled by the delicate emerging flowers of the American elm.

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Meet the Authors
Nancy Ross Hugo headshot

Nancy Ross Hugo

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Robert Llewellyn

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Review quotes
Trees Up Close features balletic images of common trees created through a special process designed for microscope slides. . . . a book whose concise text and almost pocket-size dimensions make it perfect for tree-watching in the backyard or forest.” —The American Gardener

“This is a beautiful little book on the fine details of backyard trees. . . . a great present for anyone who wants to know how to identify (and moreover, appreciate) a tree in almost any season.” —Garden Design Online

“With more than 200 dazzling photo, Trees up Close offers an intimate, revealing look at the other-world beauty of what you might have thought were just everyday trees.” —Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland

“You will be amazed by the otherworldly beauty of acorns, enchanted by immature fruits, and dazzled by delicate emerging flowers.” —Morning Call

“A marriage of Robert Llewellyn's close-up photographs and Nancy Ross Hugo's informative text. . . . With this book, you not only look—you see.” —Times of Trenton

Trees Up Close isn't so much a book to read cover-to-cover as it is one to leave out where you can pick it up at odd moments, reminding yourself of nature's beauty in all seasons.” —Omaha World-Herald
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Seeing Series
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Publication date
July 23, 2014