Spice Up Your Garden with Cannas, Bananas, and 93 Other Eye-Catching Tropical Plants

By Pam Baggett

Published by Timber Press

Does your garden lack zing? Are your borders a bore? Spice them up with a touch of the tropics! Tropical plants bring sizzle to every garden. Bananas in Maine, cannas in Canada—these plants can be grown everywhere. Whether used in containers or planted directly in the ground, their bold leaves and over-the-top flowers create instant drama. Pam Baggett chooses 100 of the best tropical plants and shows readers how to grow them, how to combine them with other plants, and how to make eye-popping compositions of color and pattern. Love flaming orange? Try cannas, lantanas, and 'Fire Dragon' coleus. Screaming magenta more your taste? Go for hot-pink four o'clocks, bloodleaf, and 'Cranberry Punch' pentas. If you're passionate about purple, grab princess flower, Brazilian skyflower, and 'Purple Majesty' sage. ¡Tropicalismo! offers hundreds of ideas for turning gardens, decks, and patios into a visual fiesta. A taste of the tropics is all it takes to turn your garden into a paradise.

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October 08, 2008
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Pam Baggett

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Review quotes

“A thoughtful, well-organized, flip-through idea book of tropical plants.” —Garden Design

“Those looking for something spicy to ginger up an everyday garden will find lots of ideas and pictures in this small book.” —Small Gardens

“Makes all of the plants sound exotic and alluring, which is the whole point of adding a tropical or two to your garden setting.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Provides a flash of inspiration that will have you even more anxious for spring to arrive.” —Northwest Indiana Times

“You’ll see cannas to fulfill your wildest technicolor dreams, from lemon-lime striped ‘Bengal Tiger’ to purplish mocha ‘Constitution.’ And there are nearly 100 other plants to experiment with. . . . If you’re looking for ways to add some tropical punch to your pots and plots next summer, Tropicalismo! is worth a look.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Makes you want to go out this weekend and buy plants. Author Pam Baggett has written an easy-to-read paperback highlighting 100 tropical plants. This is more than just another plant identification book.” —South Florida Sun-Sentinel