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Under Western Skies

Visionary Gardens from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast

By Jennifer Jewell

Photographs by Caitlin Atkinson

From desert perch to seaside oasis, gardens in the American West are on the frontier of garden design. Under Western Skies proves this, with profiles of 35 of the West’s most innovative gardens—places that truly capture the wild spirit of the region. Under Western Skies reveals how the grandeur and rugged beauty of the region's landscapes set the stage for stunning and innovative design, while the various climates allow for a multitude of plant possibilities. Nature is a source of inspiration to the gardeners in this book, rather than something to be dominated, and Under Western Skies shows the deep connection that each gardener has to the place they garden. Packed with Atkinson's stunning photographs and laced with Jewell's deep interest in the relationships between people and the landscapes they inhabit, Under Western Skies is a must-have for passionate gardeners who call the wild West home.

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Jennifer Jewell

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Caitlin Atkinson

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February 02, 2021
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