Village in a Valley

By Beverley Nichols

This reprint of the third book in Nichols's Allways trilogy contains a new foreword by Bryan Connon, Beverley Nichols's biographer. Set in the English countryside, the hilarious memoir is as much about the author's love for plants as it is about the village in which he lived. The depictions of flowers and ornamentals—"A single one of those gloxinias would be an event in Allways. . . I should give a party for it"—are both inspiring and unforgettable. This is the voice of one whose chief endowment is an appreciation for plants and the landscape, including a keen understanding of the importance gardens play in an increasingly modern world.

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Beverley Nichols

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Review quotes
“While the ostensible topics are houses and people, it is Nichols’ love of gardening, and the villagers who either encourage him or thwart him in its pursuit, that remains the lively theme through all the books.” —The Seattle Times

“At first glance, the book might appear sweet and a little cute, but don’t be fooled. Nichols knows how to throw out a few zingers and reveal his true feelings with a good dose of sarcasm. Nichols is as observant as Jane Austen, as witty as Oscar Wilde, and as sentimental as James Herriott. He also happens to be as funny, timely, and un–P.C. as Jon Stewart.” —Home and Garden

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July 21, 2005