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Way to Go!

A Sticker Rewards Book for Toddlers

By duopress labs

The good-old sticker rewards chart meets the social media era in this sticker rewards book for toddlers.

Divided into three sections with over 500 stickers, the book offers something for every busy toddler and their parents and teachers. The large-size stickers in the I Did It Myself section are perfect for being displayed on kids’ shirts or chests and then photographed and shared on social media, with messages like I brushed my teeth, I fed my pet, and many more. Smaller-size stickers in the Awesome Achievements section celebrate general kid accomplishments with words of encouragement, such as Excellent Work! and Way to Go!, as well as popular icons like smiling faces, emoticons, stars, etc. This section also includes popular stickers with encouraging phrases in an array of languages, from Spanish and Chinese to Italian and Korean. These stickers are designed to be used by kids and their educators on anything from worksheets and notebooks to tricycles and scooters. And of course we all love a sticker chart, so the last section of the book includes a collection of stickers specially designed for a removable Fold-Out Chart (included) that can be displayed in a child’s room, the family room, the kitchen, etc. 

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3 - 99
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May 11, 2021