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Welcome to Wine

An Illustrated Guide to All You Really Need to Know

By Madelyne Meyer

From food pairings to the art of wine tasting, this charmingly illustrated guide makes the world of wine more welcoming than ever!

Calling all wine newbies and wine nerds: This illustrated guide is refreshing as a rosé and flavorful as a merlot. Growing up in a family that's been in the wine business for five generations, Madelyne Meyer would be the first to tell you, you don’t need a book to enjoy wine . . . but knowing more about your favorite glassful can be a pleasure all its own.

In Welcome to Wine, Meyer pairs her expert knowledge with 200 witty, whimsical illustrations that make all the essentials crystal clear—so you can get to the good part sooner!
  • Food pairings and the art of wine tasting
  • Serving temperature (without getting hung up on precision!)
  • Key wine regions and exactly how wine is made
From choosing wine fora date night to training your nose to pickup “notes,” this is the friendliest guide to wine.

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Meet the Author
Madelyne Meyer headshot

Madelyne Meyer

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Review quotes
“This cheerful wine primer makes for an all-around enjoyable and easy-to-swallow experience. The ample illustrations are simple, colorful, and fun.”Publishers Weekly

Welcome to Wine is an engaging and delightful primer to savoring the world—and flavors—of wine. I gulped it down!”—Bianca Bosker, author of Cork Dork

“All that you need to jump-start your own wine education is tucked into this lively, user-friendly primer. From terroir to tertiary aromas, Madelyne Meyer hasn’t missed a thing. And her witty drawings, sprinkled through these pages, are sure to make you grin.” —Peter Hellman, author of In Vino Duplicitas: The Rise and Fall of a Wine Forger Extraordinaire

Welcome to Wine is the guide all creative souls have been waiting for. As someone who learns visually, Madelyne's illustrations are not only charming, but incredibly helpful. Wine is an art and a science, and this book beautifully combines both into an easy-to-understand reference guide. I cannot recommend it enough!”—Paige Comrie, wine expert, photographer, and blogger, @winewithpaige

“I love this fresh approach to wine education! Wine is supposed to be fun, and this book makes a seemingly daunting topic accessible and enjoyable. Pair this book with a glass of your favorite red or white!”—Cecily Gamba, wine blogger and influencer, @youhadmeatbordeaux

“Colorful, comical, and easy to digest, Madelyne’s down-to-earth approach to wine education does away with pretense and demystifies the basics. The perfect primer for budding wine enthusiasts.”—Jana Kreilein, sommelier, wine blogger, and influencer,
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Number of pages
Publication date
November 24, 2020