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What's Wrong With My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It?)

A Visual Guide to Easy Diagnosis and Organic Remedies

By David Deardorff, Kathryn Wadsworth

Become a Plant DoctorNo Ph.D. Required!

What's Wrong With My Plant? provides an easy system for visually diagnosing any garden plant problem and matching it to the right cure. By offering organic solutions for over 400 plant maladies, this book is the go-to source whenever your plants are a little under the weather. This innovative and easy-to-use guide presents easy-to-follow, illustrated flow charts to accurately diagnose the problem. It also includers 100% organic solutions and photographs and drawings of stressed, damaged, and diseased plants to help with accurate comparison.

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Meet the Authors
David Deardorff headshot

David Deardorff

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Kathryn Wadsworth

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Review quotes
“This attractive, comprehensive, authoritative and easy-to-use guide, allowing gardeners to diagnose and organically treat a wide range of plant problems, is a worthy purchase.” —Library Journal

“This is one of the best books I’ve seen for guiding the gardener through the maze of maladies that can visit garden plants. . . . This book is a valuable tool and long overdue.” —The Washington Post

“Bases its tutelage on progressive drawings that will help puzzled gardeners diagnose the troubles. Another plus: Suggested remedies are organic.” —Chicago Tribune

“A handy reference book for figuring out how to help your plants stay healthy.” —Garden Gate

“Almost as good as having your own consulting plant doc at hand.” —Plant Talk

“An essential book for anyone who gardens.” —Garden Design Online

“An answered prayer for all gardeners.” —Real Dirt

“It’s like having a Master Gardener at your beck and call, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, any season of the year.” —

“A great resource for gardeners at any skill level.” —San Jose Mercury News

“The idea behind What’s Wrong With My Plant? is so obvious that I almost gave myself a head slap for not thinking of it first. . . . A phenomenal resource for the serious gardener as well as for hobby gardeners who just want to know why some flowers wilt and die.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

“It was with great joy and relief that I opened an envelope. . . with What’s Wrong With My Plant? My excitement heightened when I saw that authors David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth had approached the subject organically.” —Oregon Live

“A combination of drawings, photos and easy to understand advice on organic methods for diagnosing and treating a whole host of plant issues.” —Stonington-Mystic Patch

“Whether your garden consists of herbs on a kitchen windowsill, a vegetable garden, an elaborate backyard border, or a container on a patio, What’s Wrong With My Plant? is an indispensable resource. If you can see it, you can fix it. Curing a sick plant just doesn’t get any easier.” —Growing a Greener World
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What’s Wrong Series
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Publication date
December 02, 2009