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Why, Daddy? Why?

By Tamara Girardi

Illustrated by Nichola Cowdery

Why are your arms so much longer than mine, Daddy? Why? 
So I can scoop you up into the biggest, best bear hugs!

You know you’re a parent when it feels like you hear the word “Why?” a million times a day. In this adorable board book, a cuddly papa bear uses his cub’s naturally inquisitive nature to show the many forms of his love. From bear hugs to bubble baths and storytime snuggles, this daddy answers every question with the answer to why parents do, well, everything: love.

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Tamara Girardi headshot

Tamara Girardi

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Nichola Cowdery

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Product Details
Grade range
K - K
Number of pages
Publication date
May 10, 2022
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