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You Got This

Face Your Fear. Find Your Confidence.

By Caroline Foran

Become your most confident self by working with your fear—not against it—with this practical guide from the bestselling author of Own It.

If perfectionism is holding you back, if you’re stymied by impostor syndrome, or if fear of failure is keeping you from trying, then something’s gotta give.

Caroline Foran is here to help. She can’t take away your fear, but she’ll show you that embracing fear is the first step on the road to becoming your most confident self.

If you’re on the cusp of any new venture—at work, in love, or in life—Foran’s comprehensive tool kit will give you everything you need to succeed. Learn how to expand your comfort zone with her thirteen foolproof strategies, like:
  • the importance of goal-setting
  • practicing Stoicism, and why it’s the sh*t
  • “fear hacking” and “sidestepping” your way around fear
  • how to fake it till you make it.
You have a choice: You can submit to fear and stay comfortable in a cocoon of stability—or you can brace yourself, take control, and own your fears. You got this.

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Meet the Author
Caroline Foran headshot

Caroline Foran

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Praise from Ireland
“[You Got This] is a 300-page pocket rocket of a self-help guide, packed with refreshingly candid takes, and plenty of personal insight, on feeling the fear and doing it anyway.”The Sunday Business Post Magazine
“[You Got This] is a clear, accessible, and practical guide that helps you take any mental blocks you’re dealing with and turn them into building blocks you can use to work towards your own version of success.”Irish Daily Mail
“Anyone who loved the practical and helpful advice in her debut is sure to want to get their paws on [You Got This].”Stellar Magazine
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Publication date
March 31, 2020