Oh, that NOSE! That perfect little nose on a little kid’s face! It’s enough to turn your whole day around—and then to inspire an affectionate little “Boop!” on the beloved nose. (The child will surely love booping YOUR nose right back.)
It’s got a magic I can’t ignore.
What can I say?
I just adore YOUR NOSE!

Starring a little fox child and a big fox parent (New! BOYNTON FOXES!!!), Your Nose! is a loving ode to terrific noses of all kinds. A year-round valentine in the tradition of beloved Boynton board books like Snuggle Puppy! and Belly Button Book!, Your Nose! ushers in that magical time of a parent reading to a child—when nothing else in the world exists except the two of them. And their noses.

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Sandra Boynton

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P - P
Boynton on Board
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March 31, 2020