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Author Events

Meet our authors at these talks, storytimes, cooking demonstrations, workshops, and more!


Jeff Alworth

Thursday, September 23rd
Jeff Alworth, author of The Beer Bible: Second Edition
Hosted by Gigantic Brewing in partnership with Broadway Books in Portland, OR

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Catherine J. Manning

Saturday, September 25th, 11:00 AM PT/2:00PM ET
Catherine J. Manning, author of Be The Dragon
Virtual Storytime
Hosted by Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego, CA
Details here


Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras

Thursday, October 7th, 7:00 PM ET
Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras, co-authors of Gastro Obscura
In Conversation, virtual
Hosted by MOFAD with Kitchen Arts and Letters in New York, NY
Details here.

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Joshua Jay

Monday, October 18th, 6:00 PM PT
Joshua Jay, author of How Magicians Think
In Conversation with Joe Posnanski, virtual
Hosted by Powell's Books in Portland, OR
Details here.

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