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Abby Stokes headshot

Abby Stokes

Author of "Is This Thing On?"

Abby Stokes is the perfect guide to the digital domain. She has taught more than 180,000 people, mostly seniors, how to use a computer, and her books Is This Thing On? and its earlier edition, It's Never Too Late to Love a Computer, together have 175,000 copies in print. "Stokes gives the feeling of a friend explaining it all to you," said The New York Daily News.

Now updated to include Facebook, the iPad, e-readers, Skype, and more, Is This Thing On? is the most user-friendly, jargon-free, and comprehensive guide for what Abby calls digital immigrants: those baby boomers and beyond not born with a keyboard and mouse in hand, who also happen to be the fastest-growing demographic among social networks.

A firm believer that "if my mother can learn the computer, anyone can," Abby is a self-taught mentor. She learned a bit of data entry working at a law firm some twenty years ago, after which she bought a laptop and taught herself how to use it. She has been an actor, a teacher, and an author, and has taught basic computing at Cooper Union and New York University, as well as to private and corporate clients.

In the past two years, Abby has given talks and workshops at more than 150 libraries, senior centers, and companies across the country, including the New York Public Library, the Southwest Computer Conference and other regional computer groups, and the LIFE Successful Aging Workshop at Yale University. In addition to helping the digitally challenged cross the digital divide, she also addresses more advanced computer users about how to sift through the array of new devices and gadgets constantly flooding the market. She splits her time between New York City and Niantic, CT.

Speaking Topics

  • IS THIS THING ON? A Jargon-Free Talk About Computers, E-mail, and the Internet for Late Bloomers & Technophobes
  • How to Navigate the Ever-Changing Technology: Exploring New Systems and Gadgets to Find What is Best for You
  • How to Navigate the Ever-Changing Technology for Job-Seekers
  • Social Networking—Enjoying the Benefits of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Without Losing Your Privacy
  • How to Safely Surf the Internet and Find (Almost) Anything Online


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