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B.A. Shapiro

Bestselling Author of The Art Forger

B. A. Shapiro brilliantly captured the world of art theft and forgery in her critically-acclaimed, award-winning New York Times bestselling novel, The Art Forger. Her bestselling second novel, The Muralist, is a gripping and equally captivating story about the mysterious disappearance of a gifted young artist set against the birth of Abstract Expressionism during the Depression and the eve of World War II.

“The intersection between the Depression and art turned out to be the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the Abstract Expressionists,” explains Shapiro, who has taught sociology at Tufts University and creative writing at Northeastern University. “When I discovered that Eleanor Roosevelt was responsible for including artists in the WPA, and that her greatest regret was not having saved enough European refugees before World War II, I knew the elements were all there for a story I had to write. And I wanted to explore the power of art to speak beyond its time, the power of the historical moment to shape lives and the human race’s seeming inability to keep from making the same mistakes.”

Shapiro earned a PhD in sociology, specializing in deviant behavior—a good background for a novelist, she points out. She is the author of five previous thrillers and The Big Squeeze, a nonfiction book about reducing the pressures of family and work. She has visited over 75 cities to publicize her books and has spoken at libraries, women’s clubs, art museums, and colleges and universities from coast to coast.


Speaking Topics

  • The Art Forger: A Novelist’s Take on the Unsolved Isabella Stewart Gardner Heist
  • The Muralist: Where Art, History and Mystery Collide
  • Don’t Write What You Know, Write What You Want to Find Out (Without Your Research Showing)
  • Ripped from the Headlines: Turning News into Novels, History into Fiction
  • A Writer’s Rocky Road to the Bestseller List


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