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Joe Piscatella

Bestselling Author on Lifestyle and Health, Longevity and Productivity

Joe Piscatella was 32, with a young wife and family, when the unthinkable happened: He had emergency cardiac bypass surgery for aggressive heart disease. One doctor predicted he would not live to age 40, but after years of eating healthier, managing stress, exercising effectively, and keeping a positive attitude, he is one of the longest-lived survivors of cardiac bypass in the world (42 years). He has become a bestselling author on heart-healthy living as well as a high-energy speaker and workshop leader for corporations, hospitals, and general audiences.

How did he turn what he learned into what he practiced and beat the odds? The answers are in his talks, workshops, and bestselling books, which have over 125,000 copies in print: PREVENT, HALT & REVERSE HEART DISEASE; POSITIVE MIND, HEALTHY HEART; and THE ROAD TO A HEALTHY HEART RUNS THROUGH THE KITCHEN. “Joe Piscatella knows more about healthy living than anyone I know,” says Dr.William C. Roberts, Editor-in-Chief, The American Journal of Cardiology. Joe himself says, “You can’t change the cards you were dealt, but you can change the way you play them.”

Joe Piscatella is the Founder and President of the Institute for Fitness & Health, an organization that consults on worksite and community health programs. Clients include the Boeing Company, Raytheon, Exxon/Mobile Pipeline Company, Sprint, the US Naval War College, Cleveland Clinic, the Federal Reserve Bank, Starbucks, and GE Asset Management Company.

Joe has earned national recognition for his healthy-living advice: He has hosted three PBS-TV specials on lifestyle and health and has served as the only nonmedical member of the National Institutes of Health Cardiac Rehabilitation Expert Panel.

He is a frequent guest on TV morning shows and a “guest expert” on cardiac health for WebMD. He has used his winning combination of storytelling, hard science, and decades of experience in keynote speeches and workshops that have reached more than 2 million people, for organizations ranging from IBM, Exxon/Mobil, and GTE Corporation to Coldwell Banker, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the US Naval War College. Says Time magazine, “Joe skillfully weaves humor, a fresh approach, and common-sense ideas into an energized presentation that delivers outstanding results.”

Speaking Topics

  • Turning Information into Action: Learn How to Stick with Healthy Living
  • Eating Healthy in a World
  • Stress Management for Bailout Times
  • A Healthy Workforce Is a Competitive Edge
  • 6 Weeks to a Healthier You


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