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Marni Jameson

Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Downsizing Guru, and Bestselling Author of five books

Most people think they have to be wealthy to leave a legacy, but bestselling author and advice columnist Marni Jameson reveals that nothing could be further from the truth. Regardless of your financial situation, you can make a lasting impact on the people and causes closest to your heart. It just takes some planning.

In her book What to do with Everything You Own to Leave the Legacy You Want, Jameson tackles the ultimate downsizing project—including the sticky issues of estate planning—with ease and humor. From communicating with family and understanding documents to taking stock of possessions and getting real about value, Jameson guides readers step by step through the process of figuring out what matters most to them so they can be thoughtful about the legacy they leave behind. Whether someone wants the fruits of their life’s work to benefit their family, the environment, science, human rights, the arts, their church, or another cause dear to them, planning is the key to turning assets and belongings into something meaningful and enduring.

Marni Jameson has written extensively on the topic of downsizing. Her other bestselling books include Downsizing the Family Home—What to Save, What to Let Go and Downsizing the Blended Home—When Two Households Become One and serve as the basis for her humorous and heartfelt presentations and discussions.

Jameson’s popular syndicated home and lifestyle column appears weekly in more than 20 papers nationwide, reaching 5 million readers with her trademark humor and advice. A long-time reporter for Tribune Media, including the Los Angeles Times and Orlando Sentinel, she has also written for Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Sunset, and Fit Pregnancy. A frequent speaker, Marni has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, including NBC Nightly News, Fox & Friends, and Martha Stewart Living.

Speaking Topics

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  • Downsizing the Family Home—What to Do With All This Stuff
  • How to Turn Everything You Own Into a Legacy That Lasts


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