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Roland Merullo

Award-winning author of Breakfast with Buddha and Golfing with God

Genre-defying writer Roland Merullo, author of Breakfast with Buddha and Golfing with God, has a dilemma. “The problem for me,” says Merullo, “is that I’m interested in everything and everybody.” His enthusiastic and quizzical approach to life is on display in the twenty-one books of fiction and nonfiction, as well as scores of essays, he’s written over the years. His fictional characters have explored the world (and beyond), from his gritty hometown of Revere, Massachusetts, to Bismarck, North Dakota, from the Italian countryside, and the Russian steppes to the fairways of heaven. And they, like the writer who created them, are earnest seekers with open minds and a sense of humor—on boundless quests for new adventures and the answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions.

For Merullo, writing is a vehicle to explore big questions like, “What are we doing here on this spinning ball of stone?” and “What might await us after our time here is finished?” Decades of daily meditation and voracious reading have led him to a spiritual practice that draws on teachings from across the religious spectrum—Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Native American mysticism. Raised a devout Catholic, Merullo now says, “My idea of spirituality is that it’s part and parcel of life. It doesn’t have to do with going to church or temple or to a mosque; it has to do with how I speak to my children, how I do my work, what I do with my time.”

Much in demand as a speaker, Merullo has given both informal classroom talks and commencement and convocation speeches to large audiences at public and private high schools, colleges, and universities across the country. He has been invited to give sermons at churches of various denominations and to speak at hundreds of libraries and community organizations. Motivational, inspirational, and seriously funny, Merullo’s no-two-alike presentations amble through the themes presented in his books and urge his audiences to ponder, along with him, just how these “big questions” affect them all. It is his hope that listeners leave with fresh perspectives from which to view their lives.

The author’s novels include the Revere Beach Trilogy, Breakfast with Buddha, Lunch with Buddha, and yes, Dinner with Buddha; Golfing with God; and the newly released The Delight of Being Ordinary. He has been the recipient of the Honor Award in Fiction from the Massachusetts Center for the Book and the Massachusetts Book Award for Nonfiction, a Publisher’s Weekly Best of the Year for a book on a religious subject, and an Alex Award from the American Library Association. A graduate of Brown University, his writing has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, Boston magazine, Reader’s Digest, Travel and Leisure Golf, Golf World, Forbes FYI, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and many others. He lives with his wife and daughters in Massachusetts.

Speaking Topics

  • Breakfast with Buddha: How spirituality, humor, and food intersect in a bestselling work of fiction.
  • The Buddha Series: Exploring an open-minded, non-exclusive spirituality that draws on the very best from all traditions.
  • Golfing with God: The game of golf as a metaphor for the adventure of life—sand traps and all.
  • Tales from the Life of a Golf Writer: Stories from trips to Cuba, Russia, Italy, Canada, and to America’s greatest courses.
  • Seeking Enlightenment Through Travel: When road trips become transformative journeys.

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