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Sophie Egan

Author of How to Be a Conscious Eater

A leading authority on mindful and sustainable food choices, Sophie Egan speaks on a variety of topics at the intersection of food, health, and climate, and has been a guest speaker at conferences, universities, and corporations all over the world.

Is organic really worth it? Are eggs okay to eat? If so, which ones are the best for you and for the chicken? What about farm-raised salmon, soy milk, coconut oil, almonds? Sophie uses three criteria in her book, How to Be a Conscious Eater: Making Food Choices that Are Good for You, Others, and the Planet to help us navigate the overwhelming world of food, and its impact on human and environmental health: Is it good for me? Is it good for others? Is it good for the planet?

She serves as Director of Strategy for Food for Climate League, Co-Director of the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative, and Senior Advisor for Sustainable Food Systems at Stanford University. She is also a contributor to The New York Times Health section and the founder of Full Table Solutions, a consulting practice dedicated to food systems transformation.

Her writing has been featured in The Washington Post, TIME, Parents, The Wall Street Journal, Bon Appétit, WIRED, EatingWell, Edible San Francisco, FoodTank, and Sunset magazine.

Speaking Topics

  • Conscious Food Choices: How to Read Labels and Navigate Marketing Claims
  • Eating for Impact: The Power of Food as a Tool for Climate Action
  • Conscious Eating Tips for Parents: Nutritious and Sustainable Ways to Feed Your Family
  • Health and Social Behavior: How Social Norms Affect Food Choices
  • The Future of Food

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