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Steve Stockman

Author of How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck

Steve Stockman knows how to make videos that people will actually watch. Producer, writer, and director of commercials, web videos, TV, and film, he has discovered that you can completely change someone’s filmmaking ability with a little bit of instruction and practice. He shares this information in his non-technical guide containing tips, insights, techniques, and exercises, HOW TO SHOOT VIDEO THAT DOESN’T SUCK. He is currently creator and Executive Producer of Discovery Channel’s new hit series, The Devils Ride, and Executive Producer/Director of a new Food Network series, $24/24.

“Video is the new language,” he says, “and most of us are illiterate.” Whether you are making video for business or pleasure, for promotional, family, corporate, or educational use, the point is to tell a story that’s entertaining, effective, and really grabs your audience.

Steve Stockman’s Los Angeles-based Custom Productions Inc. has created commercial campaigns for Disney, Village Roadshow, Hearst Corporation, CBS, and ABC that have driven products to record sales and rocketed radio stations to number 1 in their markets. He wrote, produced, and directed the award-winning MGM feature film Two Weeks, starring Sally Field and Ben Chaplin. HOW TO SHOOT VIDEO THAT DOESN’T SUCK grew out of a course Steve has been teaching to disadvantaged youth at the Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts.

Steve, a graduate of Brown University, began his speaking career narrating a school assembly at the age of eight and started a ten-year radio career doing local news at age 17. He has been the featured speaker for audiences of up to 2,500, for organizations such as Book Expo America, Creative Problem Solving Institute, National Association of Broadcasters, NARM (Association of Music Retailers), Radio & Records, Broadcast Promotion Association, National Hospice Association, and dozens more. He has been an interview subject in print, web, and major market TV and radio. A trained teacher and facilitator, he has run workshops for groups ranging from 20 to 150.

Speaking Topics

  • How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Techniques for Making Video That People Will Actually Watch and Maybe Even Pass Around
  • How to Survive the Video Revolution Without Being Beheaded
  • How to Create Specialty Videos (choose: Business, Politics, Vacations, Weddings, Music, Job or College Applications, Promotional, etc.)
  • Creating a Video Culture: Half or Full-Day Workshops to train companies, cause-based organizations, and schools to make better video (Customized to their needs)


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