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Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Workman Publishing. We are an independent publishing company that publishes adult and children’s books as well as calendars. Please note that Workman Publishing encompasses several imprints:

Workman Publishing
Algonquin Books
Algonquin Young Readers
Artisan Books
The Experiment
Storey Publishing
Timber Press

Each imprint publishes a different style of books. Please familiarize yourself with the titles and submission guidelines (below) for each imprint so you know that you’re submitting your work to the imprint most likely to publish it.

When submitting to any of the Workman imprints, please send copies of your work—no original manuscripts or artwork. We will not be held liable for any materials lost or destroyed by the U.S. Postal Service or any other carrier. If you send your proposal as a hard copy, your work will be returned if you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) that can accommodate your proposal as you sent it to us. Submissions not containing a SASE will not be returned.

Submissions for the Workman imprint

Workman does not accept unsolicited submissions at this time.

Submissions for Algonquin Books

Algonquin Books does not accept unsolicited submissions at this time.

Submissions for Algonquin Young Readers

Algonquin Young Readers does not accept unsolicited submissions at this time.

Submissions for Artisan Books

Thank you for your interest in Artisan Books. Before submitting a proposal, please review this site to learn more about our current list and the kinds of books we typically publish. When submitting a proposal, please keep in mind that it may take up to three months for editors to review it. Outlined below are suggested materials to include with your proposal; the more information you can give us to understand your project, the better.

A proposal may include:

  • A cover letter giving a short description of the project and what materials are included in the submission.
  • A proposal, which includes an outline, introduction, art list, and sample text/chapters.
  • Sample illustrations or photographs.
  • A market analysis of the potential readership for your book, including a comparison to similar books.
  • Author biography and credentials.

Submissions are accepted only via email. Any submissions sent in physical form to Artisan’s office will remain unopened and will not be returned.

Please direct your proposal to All proposals must be submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF files.

Submissions for The Experiment

We welcome submissions from authors and agents. Note that we publish both narrative and practically oriented nonfiction, we do not publish fiction, and we require queries and submissions via hard copy or email.

Our ideal proposal, whether sent as a hard copy or via email, includes the following components:

  • A title and a subtitle.
  • A one-paragraph overview that briefly explains the premise of your book, why you wrote it, who you see the audience being (with any relevant demographic data you might have about the potential size of the audience).
  • A brief author biography (one page or less) that focuses on why you are uniquely qualified to write your book and includes information about how you are connected to your likely readers, or plan to connect—whether in person or online (please include URLs). Please also feel free to include a resume, and if you’ve written previous books, include all basic bibliographic information on them sales figures, names of publishers of foreign editions, and any other information you think will be helpful.
  • An annotated table of contents that outlines the book, with chapter and section titles and even subsections, if you’ve formulated them, as well as brief descriptions of the material each chapter and/or section will cover. It should be no more than ten pages total.
  • A thorough assessment of what you believe to be the most closely competing books—and including very brief comments about how your proposed book differs from already available books.
  • A sample chapter that is representative of the writing style and content of the larger work.

This proposal should be no more than 30 pages, set in 12-point, double-spaced Times New Roman type, preferably as a Microsoft Word document. We will review all proposals that meet the above criteria as quickly as possible and will promptly request more information if we’re intrigued.

Please send only copies of your work—no original manuscripts or artwork. We will not be held liable for any materials lost or destroyed in the mail. If you would like your proposal returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope in the correct size. Submissions not containing an SASE will not be returned.

Contact Information

Proposals sent via email should be sent to; hard-copy materials should be sent to:

The Experiment
220 East 23rd Street, Suite 301
New York, NY 10010

And thank you very much in advance for giving us the opportunity to consider your project.

Submissions for Storey Publishing

The mission of Storey Publishing is to serve our customers by publishing practical information that encourages personal independence in harmony with the environment. The books we select to carry out this mission include nonfiction titles for adults and children on gardening, home reference, crafts, cooking, beer & wine, nature, raising animals, horses, building, farming, homesteading, and mind/body/spirit. We are always pleased to review new proposals on these topics directly from authors and from agents. (Note: no fiction, poetry, or children’s picture books, please.)

Please include the following information:

  • A letter of introduction.
  • A one-paragraph description of your book.
  • A brief statement explaining why you think your book is needed and describing the potential readers of the book.
  • A list of recent books (if any) similar to your own, with a thorough explanation of how yours will be different.
  • A table of contents, including a brief description of each chapter, including a complete list of projects, if appropriate.
  • Your thoughts about the length, format, and photographic/illustrative requirements of the book.
  • A bio with a focus on your credentials for writing the book and your ability to promote it to a wide audience.
  • A sample chapter from the proposed book.
  • For craft books, please include photographs or samples of a few projects.

Contact Information

Email your proposal to Or send by mail to:

Editorial Department
Storey Publishing LLC
210 MASS MoCA Way
North Adams, MA 01247
(Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like your materials returned.)

Due to the number of submissions we receive, it may take several months for us to respond. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Submissions for Timber Press

Timber Press is devoted to sharing the wonders of the natural world by publishing books from experts in the fields of gardening, horticulture, and natural history. Our list includes gardening how-to, garden design, popular science, nature, garden literature, and both regional and national field guides. We consider new book ideas from authors and agents.

Your proposal should include the following components:

  • Overview Tell us what is unique about your book and why we should publish it. Discuss your overall approach and the organization of the book. Define your intended audience and explain why the book will appeal to them.
  • Table of Contents List all chapters, along with any front matter (introduction, preface) and back matter (appendices, charts, references, bibliography, index). Briefly describe what is contained in each chapter. Provide a representative sample chapter of no more than 10 pages in length.
  • Author Information Summarize your familiarity with the subject and explain why you are qualified to write the book.
  • Sales and Marketing Considerations Briefly list any specific aspects of the book that will help Timber Press in its sales and marketing efforts. Describe your marketing platform (how your social media and professional activities and contacts will aid the promotion of the book). If you give lectures or workshops, include a summary of your activities for the past year. Please describe your current social media outreach with any applicable links.
  • Competing/Comparable Titles List any books published in the past five years that address the same subject as your book. Describe how your book differs from or is superior to these competing titles. For each title, include publisher, publication date, price, and Amazon ranking.
  • Manuscript Length and Illustrations Give an estimated word count for your completed manuscript and a general art plan including photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, and/or diagrams that you feel are necessary to convey your ideas. If you will be working with a professional photographer, explain why she or he is well suited to the project. Include sample images or a link to the photographer’s website.

Contact Information

Submissions are only accepted via email. Please direct your proposal to

Submissions for Familius

Familius publishes a fantastic line of books, ebooks, apps, audiobooks, videos, and more. As a small publisher, our hands-on team works closely with each author. This means you'll have an opportunity to collaborate with your book's editor, designer, cover artist, and marketing team to make the best book possible. It's a unique family environment that you won't find at many other publishers, and we love it.

Familius strongly prefers online submissions through our book ideas inbox, but through the mail is also acceptable if necessary (see below for mailing address). It usually takes us about two to three months to review submissions.

For a full set of guidelines, please visit the Familius Submissions page.

  • Include a one-page cover letter giving a brief description of the project, why you think Familius should publish it, what’s included in the proposal, and your contact information. (If your proposal is a simultaneous submission, please indicate this in your cover letter.)
  • Include an outline, introduction, sample text/chapters, sample illustrations or photographs, sample captions, sample recipes or projects, as applicable. (When submitting artwork, please do not send original art because it won't be returned. Photocopies or scans work just fine!)
  • Include a market analysis of the book’s potential audience. Who is the target reader? Are there similar titles? Be sure to include a list of those titles, their publishers and publication dates, and how your book is different.
  • Include a biography (with publishing credits and relevant credentials) for the author, illustrator, and photographer as applicable. Please also tell us about markets you've worked with in the past, including radio stations, newspapers, magazines, organizations/corporations, speaking engagements, and your own social media reach.
  • If the manuscript is still in the works, include an estimated completion date.

Contact Information

Email to:

Or, if necessary, please mail your submissions to:
Familius LLC
1254 Commerce Way
Sanger, CA 93657