Custom Publishing

With hundreds of bestselling books and calendars to choose from, many of our titles can be customized to your specifications—from adding your logo to the front cover, to creating an abridged edition. We can even create an all-new book or calendar designed specifically for your product or service.

Below are examples of some of the ways that our books and calendars have been adapted for special use—everything from corporate premiums and special promotions, to custom and proprietary editions for major retailers.


Chick-fil-A focuses on providing fun and educational premiums with their kids’ meals and has partnered with us several times to offer Brain Quest Mini Decks. Unlike our standard BQ decks, which are grade specific, these custom mini decks are multi-age—with content geared toward kids ages 6 through 8.

Barnes and Noble

Published as a holiday exclusive, the Snow Play Book and Kit featured a custom paperback edition of Snow Play—a collection of 27 giant snow projects to make in your backyard—with a plastic snow brick mold and hand shovel, the tools you need to bring each out-of-this-world creation to life.

Berkshire Hathaway

The completely custom Money Talks Page-A-Day Calendar was created specifically for the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting and featured a year of quotes, anecdotes, fun facts, and financial expertise from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.


As part of the Arby’s Kids Meals program, this series of collectible “prank” toys each came packaged with a special mini edition of Jokelopedia.

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