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What's Wrong With My Vegetable Garden?

100% Organic Solutions for All Your Vegetables, from Artichokes to Zucchini

By David Deardorff, Kathryn Wadsworth

Calling all vegetable gardeners! This book will become one of your most essential garden tools.

Are your tomatoes plagued by blossom end rot? Are your carrots coming up clumpy? You can find the solution to these problems and many more in What's Wrong with My Vegetable Garden. This useful handbook will first teach you how to garden successfully with plant portraits of popular vegetables including details on growing season, planting techniques, and soil, light, and water requirements. Then, you’ll find details on how to identify specific problems common to each plant and how to combat the problem with 100% organic solutions.

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Meet the Authors
David Deardorff headshot

David Deardorff

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Kathryn Wadsworth headshot

Kathryn Wadsworth

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Review quotes

“An authoritative guide to organic vegetable growing. . . . With this attractive book, organic gardeners will find it easy to grow vegetables and diagnose problems. Recommended.” —Library Journal

“Lavishly illustrated guidelines offer nearly infallible means of diagnosing and treating setbacks through easy-to-follow, cross-referenced charts. As foolproof as they come, this guide presents clear, straightforward advice augmented by precisely illustrative photographs that will help insure growing success.” —Booklist

“Those looking for a well-illustrated, well-organized resource will not be disappointed.” —Publishers Weekly

“An ideal read for gardeners looking to grow the healthiest, most problem-free plants and vegetables.” —American Reference Books Annual 

“This colorful guide to troubleshooting organic gardens provides detailed information on the treatment of diseases and elimination of pests for specific fruits and vegetables, and promotes a holistic approach to garden health.” —Book News

“Illustrated problem-solving guides that help you to spot trouble and deal with it organically. The plant doctor is in!” —The Los Angeles Daily News

“A comprehensive index and chapter by chapter discussions of individual vegetables avoid the frustration of wading through generalized advice.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Full of useful photographs, charts for diagnosing problems, numerous organic solutions, and hints for avoiding problems in the first place.” —American Gardener

“Hooray! Something to figure out what’s bugging your vegetables.” —Garden Gate

“A thorough description of various organic solutions to vegetable problems offers a range of options.” —Globe Gazette

“Provide[s] a thorough method of diagnosing what’s wrong with the various crops of a vegetable garden.” —Halifax Chronicle Herald

“It’s the kind of book that you can take with you out into the garden, sit down beside a troubled plant, and flip through the photos and descriptions to diagnose the problem. Very, very helpful.” —New Life on the Homestead

Product Details
What’s Wrong Series
Number of pages
Publication date
November 29, 2011